UPDATE 12/09/2010 : As promised, I have just released a new version of sensorMote server. This comes in the form of binaries (with an installer in the case of Windows). It should now be very easy to get the server up and running. Please note that I have only tested this in a couple of machines so I would really appreciate any feedback in case you encounter any problems. That's the only way I can learn of possible shortcomings and make this better in the future!


What is sensorMote?

sensorMote is an Android application that allows you to control your media from your phone with simple hand gestures. It works with the popular VLC media player. In order to use sensorMote you need to install the client on your Android phone and the server on your PC (Windows or Gnu/Linux).

Download the client from the Android Market

Download the server v1.3

Windows Installer

To get your Windows PC's' IP on the network type the following in a DOS prompt

ipconfig /all

(Note:To get a DOS prompt on Windows go click on Start then click on Run and type cmd)

Gnu/Linux python binaries